Your Death Is Insignificant ~ Matthias Ezeaku React To Osinachi’s Death

A popular Igbo Philanthropic doctor, Matthias Ezeaku has reacted on the death of popular Igbo gospel musician, OSINACHI NWACHUKWU.

Ezeaku who passed this message through his Facebook page concerning her death noted that OSINACHI was one of the people who have sent the innocent lives to early grave due to their fake prophetic healing.

To him OSINACHI’s death deserves no sympathy therefore he’s not pitiful over here death. According to him:


“I don’t even pity her death, because she is among one of the people leading millions of our people to their earlier graves in the name of Jesus heals sickness through her pastor and other churches where she goes for her business program, she deserve to leave our land because without that so many people will join their ancestors through her church fake miracles that is lying to our people that Jesus cures sickness,

Now the brain washed ones should learn from her death that Jesus never cure common headeck in her church or in her presence in any form or shape,

shame to the criminal religion leaders in black African who have decided to lie to their own people and lead them to earlier graves just to make money, which the country that brought the religion to you have never introduce to their people including their animals,

Your death is a blessing to so many family you would have sent to earlier grave, while hoping that your music and pastor can make a crippled person to walk or a blind to seeee, bye bye, your next world try to protect the lives of your people through what the world uses to protect lives.

This picture tells it all.”

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