You Must Not Adjourn Nnamdi Kanu’s Case Again, Amnesty

The Non governmental organization NGO known as AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL has ordered JUSTICE BINTA NYAKO to judge the case of IPOB Leader MAZI NNAMDI KANU without further delay.

JUDTICE BINTA NYAKO is the lordship who is to judge IPOB Leader MAZI NNAMDI KANU over the allegation levelled against him by the federal government of Nigeria.

Amnesty recorded that Kanu was arrested in Kenya earlier last year and illegally renditiined to Nigeria without court proceedings. Over 8 months now his case has been under adjournment till date.


Amnesty warned JUSTICE BINTA NYAKO not to delay the case of Kanu stating that the justice delayed is justice denied.

Today,  Kanu is standing the chance to be tried of an alleged treasonable felony made against him by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

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