Why South East Governors Should Relocate Their Offices To The North~ Simon Ekpa

A Finland based Biafrian Activist, Mazi Simon Ekpa has charged the south eastern politicians to relocate their offices to the Northern party of Nigeria if they are not comfortable with the usual Monday Sit-At-Home in solidarity with the illegal detained IPOB leader MAZI NNAMDI KANU.

EKPA, who is also a disciple of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu on Biafra restoration made this while reacting to the statement of the newly elected Anambra Governor, Prof. Charles Soludo who said that he will flood Nigerian security to Anambra if the sit-at-home persist.

Recall that Gov. Soludo has earlier charged the residents of Anambra to resume their works on Mondays which failure to do so, attracts confiscation of shops, bank, jobs, others.


Ekpa reacting on this, says that Monday sit-at-home is a form of REFERENDUM to Biafran people and therefore, no mortal can end it unless their leader released. Ekpa tweeted:

“Those criminals who think by getting 300k vote means having the mandate of Biafrans can now understand that they were voted to speak for Nigerians while we speak for Biafrans. If you want to work on Monday relocate your office to Nigeria which is Abuja. Mondays are for referendum.. ~ESN”

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