Why Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Refused To Accept South-East Igbo Faction Of Biafra~ By JOE MANUELS

A Biafran supporter and ardent follower of IPOB Leader, MAZI NNAMDI KANU identified as JOE MANUEL C. EZE has stated some of the reasons why the leader of The Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB), MAZI NNAMDI KANU rejected the offer of 5 Igbo States(South-East) Faction of Biafra made to him by the Federal Republic Of Nigeria under BUHARI-LED administration.

Eze who is also known as A Human Rights Activist, Philosopher/Historian disclosed this in his opinion article entitled “BIAFRA AND ITS ETHNIC NATIONALITY” which he published on his facebook page. According to him:

“People have argued several times why our leader HIS EXCELLENCY, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu refused to accept the South-East faction of Biafra; this particular analysis will help them to understand the main reasons behind it. When someone wants to discuss BIAFRA, he/she is expected to be geographically correct. It comprises the Old Eastern Region of the Southern Protectorate in the illegal amalgamated 1914 contraption called Nigeria.
“People ignorantly refer BIAFRA as a mono-ethnic nation of IGBOS; even when they understand that it’s beyond that. Before Nigeria became independent in 1960, there was an existence of two protectorate (NORTH and SOUTH). Each protectorate had distinct division called REGION. In the Northern Protectorate, there were North-East and Middle-Belt. Meanwhile, in the Southern Protectorate, there were South-East and South-West. Each of these four distinctive regions was regarded as a country with a political head called PREMIER; that’s when Nigeria practised a pure confederated system of government before its official independence in 1960.
“Biafra as a country comprises the core-IGBO, IJAW, EFIK, IBIBIO, ITSHEKIRI, URHOBO, ANAG etc. Each tribe has different language and little bit different culture though they have the same origin. Its boundary started from IGODOMIGODO in Edo State down to BARKASI in Pennisula. Therefore, it’s the combination of the present day South-East and South-South of Nigeria.
“The theory of South-South geographical zone was mainly established to erase our natural boundaries and identity. We all know that state creation is one of the divide and rule tactics which GOWON implored to mount disunity/hostility amongst Biafran People during the war. Remember that RIVER state is the first created state in Nigeria which GOWON purposely did to spite OJUKWU in 1967 and cause division amongst the BIAFRANS.
“Now, the simple question to ask is: is there any geography in the whole universe where South-South existed as a zone? Capital NO! to answer without equivocation. Now ask yourself: why didn’t they create North-North?? I’m not good at geography but I understand that no particular cardinal point can intercept to form a zone.
“Furthermore, Biafra has many nations within; it’s government is going to be pure confederacy. Each nation will have their own parliament and policy as well as national anthem, flag etc. If need be. The government of United Arab Emirates (UAE) and that of SWITZERLAND are the perfect system of governance in BIAFRA according to ONYENDU Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.
“In summation, OJUKWU did not fight for IGBO republic, he fought for the old Eastern Region of BIAFRA. Even his deputy, PHILIP EFGIONG was an IBIBIO man from CALABARI. The man that suggested BIAFRA to be our country name was an IJAW man called DR. FRANK OPIGO. Therefore, accepting the South-East IGBO faction of Biafra is a very deep betrayal of our brothers from the coastal region. We can’t afford to betray them unless they voted against BIAFRA during a REFERENDUM.
God Bless Biafra!✍️
Human Right Activist, Philosopher and Historian
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