Why I’m Much More Concerned About Biafra Freedom ~ Miss Savvy

A Popular American singer known as Miss Savvy has explained the reasons why she placed much concern about Biafra independence than the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine

The lady on the video she uploaded on her twitter account asked what positive impact the war between Russia/Ukraine has towards Biafra independence. She noted that the entire world is concentrating on Ukraine while the people of Biafra are being killed daily by the Nigerian government yet no one has been held accountable for such war crime.

In less than one month, everybody is talking about Ukraine while Biafrans have been under the same circumstances for over 30 years now and the whole world is relatively silent over them till this very moment. How can the world leaders be so heartless seeing innocent mothers and their children being killed in daily basis by Nigeria security agents. I will only talk about Ukraine and Russia if only their fight has a positive implications for the independence of Biafra”


She ended by saying that human being deserve equal right, stating that the world should also talk about Biafra the same way they are talking about Ukraine and Russia.

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