Why Ekweremmadu Was Arrested In UK

According To Some Reports Circulating On Social Media, Ekweremadu’s Daughter Needed a Kidney, So He Brought In a 15 Year Old Homeless Boy From Lagos With illegally Obtained Passport, In Order To Harvest His Kidney For His Daughter’s Transplant. The Former Deputy Senate President And His Wife Have Been Denied Bail.

Organ Harvesting Doesn’t Mean Killing Someone And Selling Their Body Parts For “Money” Or Other Kinds Of “Ritual.” It’s a Term For Surgically Removing a Body Organ, Such As a Kidney, From a Healthy Person Who Can Live Without It And Transplanting It To The Body Of Someone Who Is In Danger Of Dying Without It.

It’s a Crime In The UK And Elsewhere If This Is Done Without The Consent Of The Organ Donor. Ekweremadu’s Child Needs An Organ To Survive, And He Is Alleged To Have Brought In a Donor From Nigeria. Whose Consent He And his Wife Didn’t Seek. More Details To Come!

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