When Will Israel Stand Up For Biafra~ Oleksandr

A Jewish Human right activist, Oleksandr has called on the state of Israel to stand up and speak for the Biafrans who are seeking to separate from Nigeria.

Oleksandr who is also a citizen of The State Of Israel has question his government why they have kept quiet amidst heavy torture of Nnamdi Kanu whom he described as an ARDENT JEWISH BELIEVER.

According to Olek, Kanu has demostrated his loyalty and passion for Judiasim in so many areas including praying in the holy land of Israel as well as featuring on the Israel national Television and as such, Israeli Government ought to reciprocate such love by coming to rescue him and his people especially now that he’s in deep trouble. According to Olek’s statement on twitter:



“The Leader of the people of Biafra prayed countless times in the holy land of Israel and was also featured on the Isreal State national TV. He is Jewish and his people need help as well as the Ukrainian people, my question is, when will the State of Isreal reciprocate? @IsraelMFA”

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