What Tinubu Intend To Do For Nigerians ~ Deji Adeyanju

A human rights activist, Mr. Deji Adeyanju has explained the package which Bola Ahmed Tinubu, 2023 presidential aspirant has for the entire Nigerians.

Adeyanju noted that the intentions of Tinubu becoming a president of Nigeria is to monopolize the entire country with heavy tax payments just like how he did during his governorship post in Lagos.

To Him, Tinubu has bought a lot of conscience with the billions of Nigeria which he probably have stolen from Nigerians. He went further to say that should Tinubu succeed in his dream of presidency, Nigerians in its entirety will become his slave. Mr. Deji wrote in his official Facebook page:


The owner of Lagos State wants to buy the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He is busy sharing billions to buy the conscience of both the young and the old. Thereafter, he will turn everyone to a slave like he has done to Lagosians. His plan is tax, more tax, tolls, looting, more looting then political slavery.

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