Unknown Gunmen Declare Extra Sit-At-Home Days In South East, Issue Strict Warning

The disguised gunmen associated with the name “Ekumeku Warriors” have place extra two days, Fridays and Sundays to the earlier scheduled day for total lockdown in all across South East Region with respect to the illegal detained IPOB Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Recall that IPOB had earlier suspended the Monday weekly sit-at-home previously scheduled to be observed by all residents in across South East, people particularly concerned Biafrans questioned the efficacy of such suspension insisting that the lockdown must continue since the federal government of Nigeria refused to release their leader, Mazi Kanu unconditionally.
On Friday, a group called “Ekumeku Warriors” issued a stunning warning to the residents in South East, saying that anybody found violating lockdown order will pay an ultimate price. They went further to state that Fridays and Sundays have been added to the usual day to compel the government of Nigeria to free their leader from detention. According to them:
“We want to let everybody know that Fridays and Sundays have been added to the usual day of our lockdown. We are passing this order because we don’t want anybody to fall victim. If we see you outside on any of these days you are gone! We must respect our leader and do everything humanly possible to ensure his release. Prepare your mind because the way to eternal freedom is not simple but very harmful. Biafra is the task we must achieve and no man can stop us” They maintained. ARTNEWS REPORTS.
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