Umahi Panics As New Governor Assumes Office In Ebonyi

The umbrella of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has earlier revealed the names of persons who will replace the government of Gov. David Nweze Umahi

Dave Umahi who is now the Ex-Governor of Ebonyi state was earlier on Tuesday sacked from his governorship post over his defection from his earlier party PDP to his later party APC

The news of his sack broke out stating that his duty as a Governor of Ebonyi state has been relieved by the High Court from Abuja after the Pronouncement from the Chief Justice taking up his matter


Today, the man by name Idu Igariwey submitted to INEC by PDP members Qourums to replace Umahi has stated categorically on his Facebook page that he has fully assumed his official duty as the sitting Governor of Ebonyi state

“Idu Igariwey said: “I am Now The Governor Of Ebonyi State , no more Dave Umahi”

Remember that Soldiers has been deployed to government house in Ebonyi state to enforce the judgment emanaing from the court.

More details coming………

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