Simon Ekpa Reacts On Charges Levelled Against Him By IPOB

The Finland Based Biafran activist, Mazi Simon Ekpa has reacted on the concocted charges of terrorism leveled against him by the leadership of IPOB.

Simon Ekpa who is also a self aclaimed disciple of Nnamdi Kanu leader of The Indigenous People Of Biafra made this reaction on his twitter handle.

Ekpa noted that the leadership of IPOB together with the none existing Igbo group has not been able to file application to ICC against Nigerian government’s atrocious actions towards Biafrans which includes: killings, burning of houses, others.


He directed the general public particularly the Biafrans to disregard such junk calling it social media propaganda emanating from fake people. According to Ekpa:

Disregard faceless and criminal igbo group that have no address in Germany and could not afford to hire lawyer in Finland posting their propaganda on social media. Hire a lawyer in Finland and sue Simon Ekpa for agitating for Biafra freedom and stop coming to social media court.

The faceless poor igbo group looking for Fulani money could not file any documents to the ICC against Nig for genocidal crime against Ndigbo being committed by Nig state everyday, they could not inform Germany of the ethnic cleansing of Ndigbo, disregard the poor group. I am here

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