Simon Ekpa Dissolves Auto Pilot Media Team

A Finland based Biafran activist, Mazi Simon Ekpa  has issued directives from his registered radio VOICE OF BIAFRA disbanding the media team of IPOB auto pilot on Tuesday.

Ekpa who is also the disciple of MAZI NNAMDI KANU on biafra restoration made this open after some members of auto piloted fraction of IPOB launched attack against him for refusing their ideology of promoting IDUU KINGDOM purported to replace BIAFRA as a name.

Dr. Nelly Ofuegbu who seems to be one of the prominent members stated that the group does not have a specific spokesman accusing Simon Ekpa vehemently for monitizing his ENTERBIAFRA CHANNELS both on YouTube and Facebook.


Others, such as Uwa Sofia, AKparawa Nsima etc. supported Nelly for her claims teaming up against Simon for monitizing his platform. Simon however responded by saying:

From today henceforth, auto Piloted IPOB has no media team. What ever you are doing, you should never bring your Madness to Eastern Security Network FUNDRAISING.. Eastern Security Network (ESN) must be funded and must be protected and that is final until Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is release..

If their Plan is to attack Eastern Security Network FUNDRAISING they have a long way to go and #ESN must be protected..”

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