“Revolution” Is The Best Way To Get Biafra” By Joe Manuels

A supporter of Biafra, Joe Manuel C. Eze has said that court cases and diplomacy cannot guarantee the Igbo people self-determination.

Eze, who is also a follower of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu reiterated that many advanced sovereign nations in the world got their self-determination after a revolution. He adopted #RevolutionNow, initiated by human rights activist, Omoyele Sowore to ask Igbo, Yoruba and Middle Belt tribe to stir up a revolution that will give them separate countries away from Nigeria, through a referendum.

Eze, known as a philosopher, historian and rights activist revealed this in an opinion article which he made public through his Facebook page. According to him:
The truth is that legal battle and diplomatic move cannot give us Biafra. Bruce Fein, Barrister Ejiofor and co-lawyers will not give us Biafra. It doesn’t matter if we buy the highest educated US lawyer, he will not give us Biafra. Only #revolution will give us Biafra.
Go and check the history of nations’ freedom, no nation has ever gotten freedom legally, absolutely none! Before America gained independence, there was a revolution. Before China, UK, France, Germany, Russia gained independence, there was a revolution. Even before Israel, the most persecuted nation gained freedom in 1948, there was a revolution. How about recent South Africa? Was there no revolution?
All these nations conducted revolutions not because they were equipped militarily but because they were strong in mind. South Africa conducted a revolution even when their leader, Nelson Mandela was in detention.
When are we going to conduct our own revolution? Maybe when Nigerian soldiers kill all our brave youths who could have carried out the revolution. We are all shouting #freemazinnamdikanu and my question is: if Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is freed today, what will be the next step? To continue broadcasting from where he stopped, isn’t it? Onyendu has completed his job, the rest lies in our hands.
Our leader being in the DSS’ (Department of State Services’) custody is the reason to conduct a very strong revolution which will set him free and bring about REFERENDUM For Biafra! His illegal abduction is what will vindicate us at the international community when the tensions start.

#REVOLUTION is the only key that will draw the attention of the International Criminal Court! Many will die but freedom is sure at the end. Setting up CCTV cameras in Biafra land or going from one court to another cannot help us. The opportunity to kill two birds with one stone is here for us but unfortunately, we are about to misuse it.

100 men with lion hearts can start up a revolution, others will join in the meantime. We have all it takes to start it, our men are on the ground; our Yoruba brothers will join us, some Middle Belt who love freedom will join us, Nigeria has to be under commotion for six(6) Months, all the pipeline has to be blown away, the police station will be override, every prisoner will be freed to join the revolution, soldiers will be made to drop their weapons and ran away, all politicians will be trapped down…..
Ending the article with #RevolutionNow as he canvassed taking control of Biafra territories which he said will be the genesis of their freedom “…We shall take over the entire city of BIAFRA LAND and that will be the beginning of our freedom. let’s make up our mind, we can do it” he maintained. AVTNEWS REPORTS
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