Nnamdi Kanu’s Life At Risk, Bar. Ejimokar Petitions Red Cross

Bar Aloy Ejimakor, special counsel to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, has sought the assistance of the International Red Cross Society to facilitate immediate and independent medical examination for the detained IPOB leader.

The letter, entitled ‘RE: Urgent Appeal for your humanitarian intervention with the Government of Nigeria to grant Mazi Nnamdi Kanu access to independent medical examination and care’, made available to Ejimakor called on the Red Cross to ‘bring your good offices to bear on the Government of Nigeria to grant our client the opportunity of an independent medical examination and care within the shortest possible time’

According to him, “Our client informs us that his blood has been drawn more than 20 times without explanation, and that he continues to feel apprehension and dread that he is in custody of those that partook in his extra-ordinary rendition.


“His health, particularly his heart, is failing him and he was having severe breathing issues; that his finger nails are cracking and he feels dizzy. He told us that he was not receiving the necessary medical care even when the Government of Nigeria is aware from his in-jail medical examination that his heart has enlarged by 13%.

“He said serious medical problems require the urgent and constant attention of specialist doctors [which are not being given to him in the detention facility]. In this circumstance, he is daily facing the grim and imminent risk of losing his life in detention.”

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