“Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Is Not A Criminal; His Release Should Not Be Negotiated”~ Activist, Joe Manuels Declares

Human Right Activist identified as JOE MANUEL C. EZE has noted that the leader of The Indigenous People Of Biafra, MAZI NNAMDI KANU is not a criminal or terrorist and therefore he should not be released through amnesty. EZE who made this public through his Facebook page highlighted some of the reason why political solution would not be effective as regards to the release of IPOB Leader Mazi Kanu noting the fact that those involved in the negotiation are well known enemies of KANU. According to him, their negotiation might not mean well for KANU and his supporters.

“Most Of you Don’t Know The Damage It Will Cause This Great Movement If ONYENDU Mazi Nmnamdi Kanu Is Release Through Negotiation. We All Know That ONYENDU MNK Did Not Commit Any Offense Known To Law; He Is Not A Criminal, His Release Shouldn’t Be Negotiated. Amnesty Is Meant For Criminal Not A Freedom Fighter! Self Determination Is entrenched In The United Nation’s Constitution, So Also In Other Civilized Nations Of The World.

If We Fold Our Hands And Allow All These South East Politicians Including Hope Uzodimma, Umahi Of Ebonyi, Ohaneze Ndi Oshi Na Ndi Aturu, And Religious Bandits That Call Themselves Clergymen To Negotiate The Release Of Our Leader; Believe You Me, Our Movement Is Gone!

All These People Are Hardcore Enemies Of ONYENDU Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, We Shouldn’t Expect Anything Positive From Them! Who Doesn’t Know Supreme Court Governor Of Imo State? Who Doesn’t Know Umahi Of Ebonyi? Who Doesn’t Know George Obiozor And The Reminant Ottelectuals? The People Who Have Loot The Entire South East Dry, Making Lives Miserable For The Entire IGBOS, Do You Think Anything Positive Will Ever Come Out From Them? Are We Stupid, Daft And Unreasonable At The Same Time? Wait: “Do You Think That Hope Uzodimma Will Ever Think Anything Good For Mazi Nnamdi Kanu? These Are The People The Leadership of IPOB Wants To Negotiate The Release Of ONYENDU With, Notorious Criminals!

Remember: Negotiation Comes With Conditions. These People Are Not Talking About Negotiating For Biafra Referendum, It’s About The Release Of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu So That They Will Find A Means To Suppress Him Immediately He Comes Out. All This Things Is Clear To All Of Us Yet We Reused To Learn! ONYENDU Needs Unconditional Release Through Our Collective Actions And Not The Reverse. Let Me End This With The Condition That Buhari Gave As Regards To ONYENDU’s Release. Buhari Said And I Quote: ” I Will Release Nnamdi Kanu BUT He Will Stop Saying What He Used To Say”. Just Wait A Minute And Think About This Statement.”


Joe Manuel C. Eze
Human Right Activist, Philosopher And Historian

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