Man Sues Buhari Gov’t To ICC Over Kanu’s Illegal Detention

An Igbo Boy has sued Buhari’s government to ICC “International Crime Court” with over 1M worth of Bitcoin over unjust detention of Nnamdi Kanu with the money he raised from Crypto trading.

The Igbo man Chibuikem who based in London but from Abia state, same state with Nnamdi Kanu the IPOB leader has sues Buhari and his government with over 1M dollars worth of Bitcoin for unjust treatment and detention of IPOB leader. The court is said to kick off on May 15th in Nederland, a country that the Nigerian government cannot manipulate or bribe.

The court already notified Buhari and his government to come and clear air on how Nnamdi Kanu was send back to Nigeria or risk International sanctions and frozen of Nigeria world bank account limiting them from transacting internationally.


Nevertheless, Buhari’s government replied with saying that IPOB issue is a friendly matter and will be addressed within the country. ICC insisted that the matter be addressed in their watch as there are many war crimes and killings report of Buhari

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