Just Like Ukraine, Biafrans Also Deserve Full Attention ~ Leah Harding

A popular Journalist working for Al Jazeera English has called the international communities as well as well world leaders to also focus their full attention to the agitation going on in the old eastern part of Nigeria popularly known as Biafra.

She identify that the people of Biafra also need urgent help due o the killings of their people orchestrated by the Nigerian security agents

To her, the manner in which the whole westerners and the entire world are condemning the invasion of Ukraine by Russia troops, she believes that same gesture should be taken on the issue of Biafrans who has suffered for many years in the hands of Nigerian autocratic government.


Mrs. Harding also asked for an attention on the issue of Palestine whom she believes have suffered for over 74 years in the hands of Israel forces.

Below is what she tweeted:

Biafrans And Palestine Also Need Help; The World Should Give Them Full Attention Just Like Britain”

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