Have Yourself To Blame ~ Gunmen Warns Ndi Anambra Over Soludo’s Order

The Unidentified group of gunmen ravaging the eastern part of Nigeria also known as Biafran territory have issued a strict warning to those who may likely to violate their lockdown order in solidarity with Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

Recalled that IPOB has on numerous occasion assert that it’s organization has officially suspended the sit-at-home which they earlier innitated last year in solidarity with their illegally detained leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

Despite the recurrent suspension from IPOB, most concerned Biafrans have had it as away of paying their own sacrifices for the restoration of their stolen mandate, Biafra as well as a way of displaying support to KANU who has been speaking on their behalf from the outset.


Earlier, last week, the newly elected Governor of Anambra state, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, issued a strict warning directing the workers in Anambra to resume their duty on Mondays without fear, assuring them of adequate protection from the Nigerian security. Soludo also warned that those who failed to resume duty on Mondays are likely to forfeit their shops, Banks, Jobs Others.

This however, prompted the gunmen identified with a name angry vipers to release a statement via video, ordering the Anambra residents not to abide by the Command of the Governor.

We have got a message from the so called Governor of Anambra, Chukwuma Soludo saying that the People of Anambra should start their work. We are here to also inform Ndi Anambra that if anything happens to them, they should blame their ancestors because no one will no peace until they release our leader. It’s either you obey our own command or you risk your life. The option is 50:50. If you have ear, hear if don’t have, you are on your own! They Maintained.

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