God’s Anger Upon Nigeria Over Kanu — Galadima

A northern human right activist, Alhaji Shehu Galadima has slammed the federal government of Nigeria for refusing to release IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu despite the appeal court’s order.

The case of Kanu, the Biafra leader who was facing a treasonable Felony was discharged completely by the federal appeal court Abuja after the legal Challenge by his amiable lawyers.

Following the acquittal, the federal government refused to release him despite the court order. Reacting on this, Galadima noted that the anger of Allah(Muslim God) is upon Nigeria because the FG refused to release Kanu whom he described as “he whom God has destined to free Igbo people” He statements read:


My stand on this issue of Nnamdi Kanu is clear and simply ; release this young man who is destined to free his Ibo people.
Nigerian Appeal court has said so among other things ; he is discharged and acquitted. The anger of Allah is upon Nigeria now.

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