Fr. Mbaka Commends ESN For Protecting Southeast


The fearless outspoken priest during the Good Friday all-night program, spoke about the monday sit at home, he lamented on the negative impact of the exercises, especially on business people, but also made it clear what the only solution will be.

He said; “we can not deny the fact that this sit at home is costing millions of money especially to business people, but we cannot also pretend not to know the solution.


They should release our brother mazi Nnamdi Kanu. If he released today the sit at home will stop today. You can’t stop it by force, politicians tried it but it was in vain. They sit at home with their families every monday and if they want to go out, they move with more than 20 trucks of security men.

Anambra Government that tried to use force to stop it is feeling the heat today. So let them release our brother mazi Nnamdi Kanu and sit at home will stop.”

On ESN he said: since the past three years, this year is the year Enugu farmers could farm successfully. May God bless our young men who cleared our farms from fulani herdsmen.

One of our priest’s large farms were messed up by fulani herdsmen last year, he was crying, but this year he is smiling. May God bless our youths who made it possible for our people to farm again;

On mazi Nnamdi Kanu, he first sang the emotional brotherhood song; (onuru ube nwa nne agbala oso) ” He who hears the cry if his brother should not abandoned him”

Then he said; He is our brother, we lifte our hands up to God to pray for his release, we can’t run away from it, it is a situation that came up with our generation, we must face it.

I heard the names of some people that were take granted for presidential amnesty but his name was not there. I wonder what his crime is…
Let the Igbos who can go request for his release start the journey.

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