ESN Intercepts Truck Loaded With Weapons In Southeast

ESN Intercepted A Truck Carrying Cement With Guns In Anambra state

A very bizarre report coming from Chinasa Nworu, a member of the Ipob Directorate of states have revealed how ESN Intercepted a truck carrying arms in Anambra state.

Chinsa Nworu who is said to be one of the IPOB directorate of state reveal this on his Facebook official page. He noted that the indigenous people should be at alert owing to the fact that the Fulani bandits are going from one location to another planting arms which they will use to overrun the victimized area in no distant future.


According to Nworu’s statements:

Security Alert !

IPOB intelligent unit hereby inform the general public on the new means Fulani terrorist and bandits are smuggling arms and weapons into Biafran especially in Anambra state and other neighboring states .
We must be alert wherever you see trucks carrying bags of cements , you will see many of the Fulanis or some northerners on top of those cement trucks like they are going to offload the cement .

Be very vigilant anywhere you see them. ESN operatives just intercepted such truck in Awka- etiti Anambra, some weapons were discovered hidden inside cement bags .

The danger of Fulani bandits and terrorist are real in Biafraland . Be alert for the days ahead are evil because of the threats of Fulani terrorist.”

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