DOS Cabals Working To Destroy IPOB — Kanunta Kanu

The immediate brother of Nnamdi Kanu, the detained IPOB leader who is popularly known on twitter as Kanunta Kanu has declared the order emanated from DOS which is headed by Chika Edoziem as ‘Null and void’.

Kanunta Kanu declared this through his twitter handle stating that the DOS is working to destroy IPOB by nominating Non IPOB members to hold public office in the organization.

Kanunta stated that IPOB which was formed by his brother who is now in the DSS headquarters ABUJA is not for sale and hence, HDOS which is Chika Edoziem should thread with caution.


His statement however received mixed reactions on both Facebook and twitter as some Biafrans believed that he has vindicated one Mazi Simon Ekpa a Finland based Biafran activist who earlier accused The DOS structure of compromising the Biafra agitation with politics others however maintained that Kanunta Kanu is joining hand with coup plotters to destroy the IPOB led foundation made by Nnamdi Kanu. The statement reads:

You have to follow the instructions @cedoziemm.
All the changes you made in USA tonight is NULL AND VOID.
We can’t watch you and your cabals destroy #IPOBWORLDWILD Appointment of #NONIPOBMEMBERS to run this movement is absolute no go.
#IPOB in NOT for sale.
Enough is enough. 

What’s your opinion on this???

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