Allow Biafrans To Go ~ Robert spancer

An American Author and Director of Jihad Watch, Robert Spancer has called the Buhari led administration to free the Biafran people from Nigeria.

Mr. Robert made this declaration via his verified tweeter handle while reacting to the tweet of one Mazi Chigozie about the killing perpetrated by Nigerian army against the Indigenous People Of Biafra.

Mazi Chigozie tweeted: “#NigeriaInvasion: Why the World Attention is on Ukraine, the #Nigeria State Invaded BIAFRA. The World Won’t Talk about it nor Send Troops To Defend BIAFRA People. Did #BlackLivesMatter??? Pray for #BIAFRA….”


Reacting to this, Mr. Robert quoted his tweet saying that Buhari should free Biafrans from Nigeria, ending his tweet with “I support the freedom of Biafra…..”

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