“United Nations Should Declare Biafra As An Independent State”~ Alanssane Ouattra

The president of ivory coast , Alanssane Ouattara was on Friday call on United Nation to declare sections of Nigeria who are agitating for there self determination a republic nation.
He stated this while addressing some issues that are bordering Africa in terms of growth and development, agitation for freedom of some regions is a serious weakness and as it stand now, about 3 region are agitating for self determination and more region are likely to emanate soon if we fail to bring solution to this.
He went further to say that Biafra as a region that have seek for self detamination since 1967 till 1970 which cost lives of over 3.5 million Biafrans in the process and till today, same issue keep repeating it’s self again and I think it is time for UN to step in and put an end to it, he said.
“Once Biafra go, peace will be restored not just in Nigeria but in Africa as a whole because the Biafra group that’s been agitating for self determination exactly pull down our reputation as a continent thereby bringing our weakness to the world for our inability to address issues about our continent (Africa).
“According to Biafra today, the president also hailed effort of leader of ipob Nnamdi Kanu who is handling the agitation group so far in ensuring that the structure for the call on Biafra restoration do not fail instead it grows stronger, wiser and deeper as the day grows.
Meanwhile the leader of ipob have used the predicament going on in abuja which states that buhari the president which Nigerians voted into leadership is no longer Alive rather another person who is not a Nigerian citizen of the country that have look alike face known as jubril) was the one managing the affair of the country since early 2017 till date.
“I’m Calling On UN, this Has Lingered More than I should, Is had time All The African Presidents should stand up and let’s stop the blood shade in Nigeria that has dragged African Growth To The Mud.
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Onyenwenu Chinedu
Onyenwenu Chinedu
11 months ago

Mr. President allow them to ignore Biafrans and Allow millitary to take over and give Biafrans the needed freedom they are seeking for.